Welcome to see-u

In 2024, CUA Health underwent an exciting transformation, changing our name to see-u.

Change can often be accompanied by uncertainty, especially when it comes to your health insurance. Rest assured, we're here to guide you through every step of the way.

The below FAQs are designed to address any concerns you may have and provide clarity about the recent name change. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we're committed to making this transition as seamless as possible for you.

If you have further questions, we have the answers. Simply give us a call to chat.

If you’re looking to review your health cover please call us.


We're excited to share that we're evolving from CUA Health to see-u, and this change will be effective from 1 March. This transition is part of our commitment to enhancing your experience, coinciding with the launch of our improved online services and app and our new health insurance products.

No, your experience with us remains unchanged, if not better. Your cover and benefits will stay exactly the same. You can continue to use your existing member card even though it will have the CUA Health logo on it, and while online member services and app will have a fresh look, you can still log in with your current credentials.

Yes, you can continue to use your existing member card even though it will have the CUA Health logo on it. If you’d like to order a new card you can, however, we encourage you to think of the planet and only order a new card if you need a replacement.

Nothing is changing and there will be no interruption to your ability to claim directly from your provider and if necessary, you can continue to do this through the app or online services. You can also continue to use your current card even if it has the CUA Health logo on it.

Under see-u, you will now have the ability to chop and change your cover to ensure you’re on the best value health cover for your needs and budget. Just give us a call and we’ll have a conversation about any changes you may want to make to your policy

Yes, see-u is proudly backed by HBF, one of Australia's largest health insurers. This partnership ensures we continue to provide you with the quality service and support you've come to expect.

If you're an existing member, there's nothing you need to do. We've taken care of everything to ensure a seamless transition for you.

Absolutely! You can continue to log into Online Member Services and/or the see-u Health App just as you always have, even though it will have a fresh look starting 1 March. Your access and user experience will remain familiar and convenient. If you don't already have the app, from 1 March you can download it from the App Store or get it on Google Play by searching for ‘see-u health'.

Protecting your member data is a priority. After the transition, you'll notice an extra layer of security in the see-u Health App and online services. You will receive an SMS or email with a one-time security code each time you log in. It's crucial not to share this security code or your password with anyone, including our staff.

If you have any questions or concerns, our dedicated team is here for you. Reach out to us on the same number 1300 499 260, and the friendly team you've come to trust will be available to assist you.

Existing CUA Health members will now enjoy an improved member experience with see-u. As well as improvements to the app and online services, we’ve also opened new products, so you can adjust your cover without the need for a switch to HBF.

No changes there. You can still contact our Australian-based call centre on 1300 499 260, where the same friendly team will be able to assist you. Our commitment to providing excellent customer service remains unwavering. Once live, our new website will be www.seeuhealthinsurance.com.au and you will be able to email us at info@seeuhealthinsurance.com.au with any queries.

You can always call us on 1300 499 260 and we’ll be happy to chat through all of the changes with you.